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Island Capital Group LLC is a leading international real estate merchant bank headquartered in New York City that controls a diverse group of real estate services companies engaged in a broad range of real estate related activities, including commercial mortgage servicing, principle investment, fund management, and financial advisory and consulting services.

Island’s largest subsidiary, C-III Capital Partners, controls C-III Asset Management which is one of the country’s largest commercial loan servicers, as the named special servicer for approximately $130 billion and the primary servicer for over $16 billion of commercial real estate loans. Through another subsidiary, we also oversee several real estate related investment funds with more than $3.7 billion of assets under management. Our investors include high net worth families and some of the largest pension funds and insurance companies in the United States.

Weil is premised upon a commitment to deliver sound judgment to its clients on their most difficult and important matters. Clients turn to Weil’s world-class teams of lawyers because they listen attentively and provide them with straightforward answers – not merely a redefinition of the problems. Recognized by clients, the media, and professional commentators as best in class, Weil’s lawyers are known for the clarity, timeliness, and effectiveness of their counsel, and as a result, have become their clients’ call of first resort for solutions to their toughest legal challenges. Weil’s one-firm approach ensures that the firm works seamlessly to handle the most complex Corporate, Litigation, Regulatory, Tax, and Restructuring challenges.
One of the world’s leading economic consulting firms, Compass Lexecon provides law firms, corporations and government clients with clear analysis of complex issues. We have been involved in a broad spectrum of matters related to economics and finance – providing critical insight in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decisions and public policy debates. Our experience and expertise apply to virtually any question of economics, in virtually any context of the law or business.
Our company supervises and manages theatrical productions of all sizes and complexities. From the simplest one-man show to the largest multi-media musical spectacular, our priority remains remarkably consistent: to support the artistic development and presentation of the production as envisioned by the creative team within the financial parameters established by the producers.
Sesame Street meets South Park: They may look familiar, but these puppets (and their human counterparts) have an irreverent take on the joys and travails of making it on your own. Winner of the 2004 Tony Award for Best Musical.
Singing puppets and their human neighbors tackle life’s most vexing issues – including love, sex, money, race and how to tell your roommate he’s gay. The place is New York City, and the street is Avenue Q, the only address you can afford when you’re fresh out of college, or out of a job, or just trying to find your way in life. A new musical for grown-ups.
*Contains mature language and situations; not intended for children.
The epic new musical brings to life the iconic superhero Spider-Man, who as high school student Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider and develops astonishing powers.
The arachnid-bitten superhero, familiar from comics and the movies, learns that with great power comes great responsibility as villains test not only his physical strength, but his strength of character.
Matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters and more fill the stage with energizing beats at STOMP, the inventive and invigorating stage show that’s dance, music and theatrical performance blended together in one electrifying rhythm.
The Gospel According to St. Matthew is presented in a series of skits and songs, with Jesus and his disciples presented as loving clowns, in this musical featuring songs by Stephen Schwartz, conceived and originally directed by John-Michael Tebelak.